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Twin Rivers 4×4 Club

A supportive 4WD club based in South-East Queensland, Australia.

We believe that to not just be the same old run of the mill 4WD club, that we need to connect with people.  To embrace everyone, their interests, their talents and their experiences. We do this by sharing, by welcoming and by embracing every single member to our club, making them feel like they belong and feel they are supported along their 4WDing journey. We do this by structuring our meetings and our trips so they are not biased  towards or against your vehicle, interests or experience.

We are all in a state of learning and we use our joint knowledge to build a community that is Twin Rivers 4×4 Club. Our club provides many advantages and challenges for 4WD owners. We are a family orientated and cater for family participation. We plan regular organised trips that are carried out in the company of people who have similar vehicles and interests. Longer trips are regularly organised and planned for into more remote areas. The advantages of travelling with a group of experienced four wheel drivers is beneficial to you, your family as well as your vehicle.  Other Twin Rivers activities include:

  • regular social outings, film nights, guest speakers
  • social functions and inter-club competitions
  • knowledge of experienced drivers
  • club discounts from various suppliers
  • technical information and advice

Twin Rivers 4×4 club is non discriminatory of your vehicle – welcoming all different types of 4WD’s. We maintain a keen interest in public land issues and members are kept aware of any controls or restrictions on certain areas through club education programmes.

Want to join us?

We would love you to come and meet us and see how friendly and welcoming the Twin Rivers crew is.

Are you looking to join a 4WD Club?  Do you drive a 4WD and want to use it for the purpose that it was designed?  Do you want to learn different off-road driving techniques?  Do you enjoy exploring the country and socialising with friendly people? Then look no further…

We encourage you to come along to one of our meetings, we meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Beenleigh Bowls Club, 11 Hanover St Beenleigh. Meetings start at 7.30 p.m. We welcome all visitors and new members to our meetings.

Our next meeting is in:

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